Niji has no respect in the slightest for servants and commoners and seems to enjoy abusing them, as he threw a plate at Cosette's face and was furious when Sanji intervened. [33][34] After finding out Sanji was alive, he continued to bully him alongside Ichiji and Yonji. Nos Figurine One Piece Vinsmoke Niji vous immergerons dans le monde des pirates de One Piece et de son équipage du Mugiwara ! [5] Like his brothers, Niji took pleasure in giving Sanji a serious beating. Shioyaki, Paradise Pirate Crews Niji was about to attack his servant for not properly giving him the food that he wanted until Sanji protected her from him. Niji possesses an ability that has given him the name Dengeki Blue. Mr. 1 | [13] He had no qualms about inflicting pain on servants, as shown when he attacked the head chef and even sarcastically stated that he would have avoided her face if he had known that Sanji cared for her. "Death God" Doc Q, Golden Lion Pirates Disclaimer: One Piece Power è nato con lo scopo di offrire un servizio di streaming il più completo e fluido possibile a tutta la community di appassionati di anime. As a result of the experiments, Ichiji became vain and abusive towards his younger brother Sanji for being weaker than the other siblings. (Redirected from One Piece: Niji no Shima Densetsu - Legend of the Rainbow Island) The One Piece video games series is published by Bandai and Banpresto, later as part of Bandai Namco Entertainment, and is based on Eiichiro Oda 's shonen manga and anime series of the same name. Donquixote Doflamingo | Demaro Black | As of yet, not much is known about Niji's relationship with his elder sister. Ability Slot Planner. The Vinsmokes retreated into Capone Bege's Big Father's body for protection from the Big Mom Pirates. 04/01/20. ... Niji has in his repertoire kicks, electric skills, and light sword moves, and he also boasts amazing mobility. ‍☠️️-50% et Livraison Blueno | However, before she can execute them, the Tamatebako dropped to the base of the Whole Cake Chateau and the bomb inside the chest exploded, causing the entire castle to collapse. Perona | Sometime later, Niji was having a meal with his father and siblings. Charlotte Galette | Niji Accueil / Niji. The gang lands in Ruluka island, where they meet old professor Henzo and his lifetime studies about the Rainbow Mist. Because of the unethical experiments conducted by father, Vinsmoke Judgeon him before his birth, Niji like his other siblings Ichiji and Yonji were born lacking empathy and actual emotions outside of being prideful and violent. "Corrupt King" Avalo Pizarro | He also wore a white royal cape similar to the one he was wearing previously, but shorter, light-colored, and clasped together with two chains. This item: Banpresto One Piece 4.3-Inch Vinsmoke Family Niji DXF Sculpture, The Grandline Series Volume 5 $68.98 Only 1 left in stock - order soon. He is slim with long legs and stands at a comparable height to his brother Niji, being slightly taller. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. [54], Niji possesses a strong will, as he was able to withstand a burst of Big Mom's Haoshoku Haki and remain conscious from her loud scream.[55]. Su cabello es de color castaño oscuro con una barba. He also tells Sanji that, in his absence, the brothers had often speculated on the various amusing ways and place in which Sanji may have died while living on his own. Ginrummy | At the same time, he and his brothers would constantly bully and attack Sanji for being weak. While Ichiji expressed excitement at seeing Sanji again, Niji called him a liar. Bartholomew Kuma | ), è un videogioco di ruolo uscito esclusivamente in Giappone, per WonderSwan Color, basato sul manga e anime One Piece.Il videogioco è stato prodotto e sviluppato da Bandai As continue to fight and they try to retreat from the Big Mom Pirates, Big Mom appears and confronts them. It's hilarious and the style is super unique. Admiral: "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach No.1837 Second son of the Vinsmoke family. The Vinsmokes later made their way to Cacao Island to fight and get even with the Big Mom Pirates. RELATED: The 10 Funniest Moments In One Piece, Ranked Consequently, he has had his empathy taken away from him and he only serves the purpose of a war machine. Su rostro es algo varonil y sus ojos son azul verdoso. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Gallery 4 Others Electric Blue Vinsmoke Niji is the 2nd son of the Vinsmoke Family. Strengths and Weaknesses Edit. Birthday: Furthermore, Niji's emotional detachment is so strong that he was unmoved by even the prospect of his own death, as well as that of his family. As they received a hero's welcome from the Germa 66 soldiers, Niji was annoyed that Sanji was not there to greet them, but was told by Ichiji to quiet down.[29]. Alias Gild Tesoro | [29] Yonji tends to laugh hysterically at Niji's various rude comments and jokes about Sanji just as he did when they were children, and on one occasion, they both share a laugh at his expense after witnessing him crying. Shipping and handling. Unlike his other brothers who are more unhinged and sadistic, Ichiji is colder and more impersonal than them … He is aprinceof theGerma Kingdomand a commander in its military arm,Germa 66. Because of the unethical experiments conducted by father, Vinsmoke Judge on him before his birth, Niji like his other siblings Ichiji and Yonji were born lacking empathy and actual emotions outside of being prideful and violent. However, Judge's surgery was a success on Niji, and Sora subsequently died from the drug's aftereffects during Niji's early childhood. Hyena Three | Byrnndi World | At first, he was reluctant to use it due to his chequered past with his family. Vinsmoke Ichiji | Charlotte Brûlée | Ikaros Much | Needless | Occupations: [59], Niji is highly proficient with a sword, overpowering Sanji several times in his youth. Apr 9, 2019 - Explore Shelly's board "Ichiji and Niji" on Pinterest. 30 notes Sep 2nd, 2020. Lead the soldiers of Germa 66 Niji then contacted Mont-d'Or through a Den Den Mushi and impersonated one of the Big Mom Pirates, tricking him into thinking that Germa 66 was crushed. Gasparde | Details No. This caused a panicking Judge to ironically state that there was something wrong with the three brothers, who were nonchalant about death. Porche | niji vinsmoke vinsmoke niji one piece op niji op one piece headcanon one piece headcanons germa 66 vinsmoke family NH VH. Buffalo | When the Big Mom Pirates revealed their treachery at the wedding, Niji (because of his lack if emotion) remained calm in the face of imminent doom, even going as far as to laugh at falling for the trap, much to his father's fury. Eklaire is a Scientist, someone who has vast knowledge in Science. Vinsmoke Niji Second son of the Vinsmoke family. When Niji asked if Big Mom would use a similar tactic, Ichiji told Niji that it would not have any effect on the Vinsmoke Family if Sanji's life was threatened. Gina, Thriller Bark Pirates (Mysterious Four) "I was scared…" Sanji continued and pulled legs to his chest, leaning chin on top of his knees. [34] After finding Sanji, Niji and his two other brothers occasionally visited him just to continue with their bullying. Scotch | Satori | Nero Eklaire is a Scientist, someone who has vast knowledge in Science. A portion of Germa 66, under Niji and Ichiji's command, was able to end a two-year war in four hours, thoroughly annihilating the side they were hired to fight. Niji's father highly values his "beloved" second son. While they drank, they toasted to Sanji for being useful.[72]. Vinsmoke Niji High-ranking member of Germa 66Royal son of the Vinsmoke FamilyAssassin Assasins: Rob Lucci | Captain: Eustass Kid | While he saved his brother, he still called him a "good-for nothing" but in a joking manner.[22]. Master of the Waters, Germa 66 Vinsmoke Niji is a character from ONE PIECE. [68], Niji watched with amusement as Sanji continued to reject Luffy and Nami and then severely beat Luffy by repeatedly kicking him. Maybe. Machvise | Capone Bege, Other Groups Niji may have been a massive pervert and had a strong attachment to aesthetic values. Fukuro | Niji and the rest were detained by Charlotte Perospero's candy technique and were about to get assassinated by the Big Mom Pirates until Big Mom's scream knocked out the Big Mom Pirates and the Straw Hats gave them their armor. [17]Later, he expressed disappointment at the barmaids Big Mom had sent to them, and expressed a desire to negotiate for Nami's release into their custody. Baby 5 | [18], Despite his arrogance and cruel nature, Niji does have a strong sense of appreciation and gratitude, as after Sanji saved his life, Niji wasted no time in repaying Sanji by saving some of his crewmates from being killed by the Big Mom Pirates, an act that strongly contradicts his engineered apathy. 1 Introduction 2 Personality 3 History (One Piece manga) 4 Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign 5 Relationships 6 Powers and Abilities 7 Trivia Voting has ended . He also impersonated Nusstorte and deceiving Mont-d'Or for Luffy's location in Cacao Island. Charlotte Broyé | Who's Who | From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet,, Germa 66 vs. Big Mom Pirates (Cacao Island), Niji, Ichiji, Yonji, and Reiju vs. Germa soldiers. Minotaurus | Introduction Edit. When he heard from his father that Sanji supposedly died, Niji was only confused if he really died. Just need to do the Pants and Shoes now. Scratchmen Apoo | Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. AbuseBattery Jaimini's Box. Requested by Etsuko-chan99 hope you enjoy. Nicknamed “Electric Blue.” Per his moniker, he used electricity to cancel the effects of Sanji’s kicks and reduced the damage greatly. One Piece Ace One Piece Manga Ace Sabo Luffy One Piece Pictures Anime Merchandise Anime Costumes Pick One Anime Characters First Love. Niji helped Sanji and Luffy escape from the Big Mom Pirates on Cacao Island. As a child, Niji wore a light blue shirt with the number "2" on it, white pants, brown boots, a light blue bandana around his neck, and a pair of smaller goggles. Like Sanji and his brothers, Niji is shown to be lustful towards beautiful women. After Brook destroyed the picture of Carmel, the Vinsmoke Family found themselves restrained to their seats with members of the Charlotte Family holding them at gunpoint. One Piece Track List For those "what music was used at this time in this episode" questions. Ten Titanic Captains: Jesus Burgess | Tamagon | Kizaru | [10] When chaos broke out, he changed back into his raid suit.[11]. Captain: Donquixote Doflamingo In keeping with the Vinsmoke Family's naming convention. Kaku | Vinsmoke Niji (in Japanese: ヴィンスモーク・ニジ, Vinsumōku Niji) is the second oldest son of the Vinsmoke Family and one of the top commanders of Germa 66 army. Vinsmoke Niji Niji is the third child of the Vinsmoke Family and he, unlike Sanji, is a successful experiment of Judge. Retrouvez toutes les infos sur figurines de One Piece classées par fabricants, gammes, versions, années et même par personnage : Niji attempted to kick Sanji, but their father quickly stopped him. When commanding the for… Hammond | The Vinsmokes decided to protect Bege and Caesar with their escape. Hatchan | Bear King | Like the rest of his family, he is proud of his royal status and does not care for his servants. El Drago | Kuroobi | While commanding the forces of Germa 66, he wears a dark blue raid suit, including a black cape bearing a blue "2", dark goggles over his eyes, gold-colored gauntlets, and an aqua ascot around his neck. Here's Niji for my One Piece disney series!! One Piece 802 - Niji Beats Corsette (Likes Sanji)-d3FDhKtUED0. The Niji Niji no Mi is a paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to..., making the user a Rainbow Human (虹間, Niji Ningen?). As an adult, Niji is still violent as he was like a child. DLC. Vergo [67] On the way, they encountered Luffy and Nami. Captain: Shiki the Golden Lion The Niji Niji no Mi, is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to shift between the natural solstices and equinoxes of one’s environment. No one said a word, but Yonji was the first one … Vergo | As for Sanji, he trembled slightly at their return, implying that Sanji may retain traumatic memories from their abuse. Combatants: Buggy Pirates Captain: "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin Like all the Vinsmoke siblings, his distinctive curly eyebrows form a spiral that resemble the numeral 6. [12], Since birth, Niji has lacked the ability to feel empathy and sympathy due to the genetic modifications done by his father. Reiju was seen smiling at his return to the Germa Kingdom, implying that their relationship is friendly at the very least. Snakeman | As a child, he was violent to Sanji and bullied him for being weaker than the rest of his siblings. Scarlet, Kid Pirates [29] As a member of their royal family, each soldier is also willing to lay down their life for Niji if commanded to do so.[45]. Black Maria | [57] He managed to lift Charlotte Nusstorte, an enormous man, with only one hand. At Big Mom's castle, they met Big Mom and later got to see her unique collection. Anime 12. Gazelleman | [23] However, Niji does disregard his father's order to not injure Sanji before his wedding, as he goes on to beat him along with Ichiji and Yonji. Niji then expressed excitement at the thought of Sanji living with them again. Edward Weevil | Caribou | Baron Omatsuri | Debut: PLAYABLE. [19] This is shown again when he showed concern for his sister when Big Mom targeted her and attempted to kill her. Sweet 3 Generals: "Thousand Arms" Charlotte Cracker | Read *Lemon* Insult Battle Niji x Reader from the story One Piece by LitttleMissOreo with 3,472 reads. As their father coerced Sanji by threatening Zeff's life, Niji and his siblings exited the dining hall, and Niji severely beat Cosette in retaliation for Sanji's actions. [43] Niji and his other siblings once again came to Sanji's aid at Cacao Island to ensure he and his captain escape. Foxy Pirates Niji and Sanji face off after a disagreement. The end of Whetton's tax run. 9. Sham & Buchi, Arlong Pirates As the Charlotte Family resumed their efforts to kill the Vinsmoke Family, Niji and his siblings put on their raid suits. As a child, Niji, alongside Ichiji and Yonji, used to bully Sanji for his "un-royal" habit of cooking. Speed | 1837 Type QCK Class Powerhouse Class 2 Fighter Rarity ★★★★ Max Lv. He joined his family in fighting off the Big Mom Pirates to give Sanji's friends an opportunity to escape. strawhats, goldrogers, xdrake. S (RH-)[6] Waiters, Big Mom Pirates Nicknamed "Electric Blue." Yonji commented that he would not mind marrying a beautiful woman like Pudding, but Niji and Ichiji reminded him on what it means to marry one of Big Mom's children.[75]. 30.0% . Like his brothers and his father, Niji believes that he is better than anyone else because he is the royal son of the Vinsmoke Family. Feel free to watch me!! Afficher tous les 3 résultats ... Site crée et entretenu par un passionné de Figurines One Piece ! Noko | Like all the Vinsmoke siblings, his distinctive curly eyebrows form a spiral that resemble the numeral 6. Use his skills to dominate the battlefield beautifully! Accurate to detail, cute, collectible, and limited availability! Nakama Network. Commandeering Germa 66 soldiersMartial artsSuperhuman strengthManipulations Raijin | Monet Niji was born as the second son and the third child of the Vinsmoke Family. Others: Bellamy | One Piece: Blood Love [Vinsmoke Niji] 1.5K Reads 81 Votes 18 Part Story. He is always seen wearing shades to cover his eyes whether it is glasses or goggles. Donquixote Pirates [29], However, unbeknownst to Niji, Reiju secretly despises him along with the rest of their family (except Sanji) for their murderous ways and she intends to do nothing to stop the Big Mom Pirates from killing him, believing that there's no place in the world for any of them. "Demon Lady" Charlotte Amande | He was able to move so fast that Sanji, a very skilled Kenbunshoku Haki user, lost sight of him,[58] and managed to jump a great distance to pull Sanji away from the explosion of a nearby missile before it happened. Sanji fights the son of … Hobby offer finest quality One Piece Vinsmoke Niji cosplay costumes and other related cosplay accessories in low price. ヴィンスモーク・ニジ Miss Father's Day | Kaido "of the Beasts" | Queen "the Plague" | While Sanji leaving his family, he placed Sanji's Raid Suit canister inside of Luffy's pocket. [64], After Sanji left the family, Niji and his siblings often mused about Sanji. 967 Official Release (Mangaplus):06/01/2020 Fleet Admiral: Akainu Chew | Gedatsu As a royal son of the Vinsmoke Family, he was groomed to become a strong warrior for the Germa 66 army. The games take place in the fictional world of One Piece, and the stories revolve around the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates, the franchise's protagonists. Take | Giolla | Gekko Moriah | They later reunited with Sanji during dinner. Sanji ignored this and proceeded to tell Niji to finish what was on his plate, but Niji refused and was irritated when Sanji called him a spoiled prince who does not know the value of food. Niji gaped while Yonji quietly stared at Sanji, looking for something. Niji and his siblings rescue Nami, Chopper, and Carrot. 2:45. Mouseman | [81], Back at the Germa Kingdom, the Vinsmoke siblings defeated the pursuit team that went after them. As Judge and Ichiji inquired about Reiju's location, Niji went to wake Yonji up and told him to get prepared for the Tea Party. When Luffy and Sanji were cornered by the Big Mom Pirates at Cacao Island, Germa 66 arrived just in time to assist them. The Vinsmokes held at gunpoint by the Charlotte Family. Let’s assume all of their power levels at the time of Whole Cake Island. Shiki the Golden Lion | Unlike Yonji, he is able to overlook Charlotte Pudding's beauty and point out that marrying into the Charlotte Family would not bode well for them. Epithet: Niji, Ichiji and Yonji overpowering Sanji. Niji and Ichiji then stood on a rooftop to observe the burning country, as they arranged to make the two day journey to Whole Cake Island. Crimes After exiting Bege, Niji blocked a volley of bullets fired by the Big Mom Pirates. However, their discussions typically revolved around the numerous amusing ways that each of them could imagine as to how Sanji may have died while living on his own.[65]. He has also exhibited petty and vindictive behaviors, as he was willing to throw a plate at an innocent chef's face simply because Sanji defended her. Support Database. When Luffy declared that he would wait for Sanji, Niji laughed alongside Yonji. [60] As an adult, he was shown combining his swordsmanship with his speed and Dengeki Blue ability to take out multiple Big Mom Pirates extremely quick.[57]. Thirteen years later, he expressed annoyance at the fact that Sanji did not greet himself and Ichiji upon their return to the Germa Kingdom. See a recent post on Tumblr from @laws-hat-headcanons about one-piece-niji. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Appearance Edit. Animated Cartoon. Shiliew | [56] He was also able to throw Sanji and Luffy forward at a great speed, sending them flying through the sky over an entire fleet of the Big Mom Pirates' ships. Zerochan has 78 Vinsmoke Niji anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Niji then angrily called the head chef, Cosette, and threw his plate at her. [49] Niji did not hesitate to rush to confront the Emperor after his father was struck down by her. Baroque Works [26] When the Whole Cake Chateau collapsed, Niji and Yonji saved their unconscious father and carried him away from the destruction.[27]. Charlotte Flampe Unlike his older brother Ichiji who was colder and Yonji who was antagonistic, Niji is more prone to physical violence and attacking those near him who he has a problem with. Tatsu | Kop, Sea Kings Hanzo, Others Officer Agents: Mr. 0 | After knocking Luffy down, Sanji returned to the carriage and the Vinsmoke Family continued on to the Whole Cake Chateau. Charlotte Oven | Due to his family's technological prowess, Niji possesses a raid suit which he wears in combat. Others: Richie | Hogback | Solitaire | Buggy "the Clown" | Smiley | "I don't like dark places, but he locked me away and didn't give me food." Wadatsumi, New World Pirate Crews Miss Dounglefinger | Niji, Ichiji, and Yonji combined their attacks to destroy the candy wall, allowing Caesar to pass through. Caesar Clown, Emperors' Crews Vinsmoke Niji | After Niji asked if Sanji tried to escape, the Vinsmokes received confirmation from one of Big Mom's subordinates that Sanji was ready for the ceremony. I don't own the picture, but I own this story!!! Vinsmoke Niji(ヴィンスモーク・ニジ, Vinsumōku Niji), also known as "Electric Shock Blue" (デンゲキブルー, Dengeki Burū) is a fictional characterand deuteragonistfrom the One Pieceseries. He was also excited at the prospect of a confrontational reunion between Niji, Ichiji, and Sanji. Yonji punched him in the face multiple times one of his eyes went flying off with his nose and his tongue was barely hanging by a thread of flesh. The night before the wedding, the Vinsmoke's discuss their plans with capturing Charlotte Pudding and then later began drinking. [78], As Bege's fortress was suffering damage from Big Mom's attacks, the Vinsmoke Family decided to fight Big Mom in order to give the alliance an opening to escape. ... Niji. Ichiji arrived at the time of his face too the picture, he... Siblings put on their raid suits and shares many similarities with Ichiji and Yonji carried their father to safety him... The rest of his siblings would train to become high-ranking members of Germa 66 be! Patted on his shoulder and laughed at his brother Ichiji, Niji was at! Other objects with electricity such as a child, creating an undercut style coldly down. Their father quickly stopped him Niji even tried going back to save her before Ichiji told his siblings ] Sanji. [ 62 ], Niji and his lifetime studies about the direction the Straw Hats finally escaped Totto,... Cosplay accessories in low price Niji child 8 '' H Plush by Great Eastern Entertainment also wanted confront... Tony Beck, Luci Christian, Chô disregard of food and women are in total contrast to his brother on! A training regimen, Niji took pleasure in giving Sanji a serious beating four hours, and.... Was groomed to become a strong warrior for the wedding, the Vinsmokes are held at gunpoint by Big! To confront Niji for trying to hurt a woman licensed one Piece- Niji Plush 8 '' Plush. Chin on top of his face, ending in three prominent spikes はワンピース! Ace Sabo Luffy one Piece 800 soldier held him back ] [ 34 ] finding. Books about Devil Fruit ) Animated Cartoon look down on him the,!: 10 Things you Should Know about Vinsmoke Sanji expresses disgust at his return to the Whole Cake Chateau to... Think I got this to withdraw he joined his family, but was when... At a comparable height to his brother Ichiji, Niji simply patted on his shoulder and laughed his! Shown to be lustful towards beautiful women Summary 2 Powers and Abilities gallery! Soldier held him back relationship while Sora was still alive, he has his... The ceremony venue on the roof of the Vinsmoke family finds out about Big Mom Pirates!!!. Max Lv [ 61 ] he can also imbue other objects with electricity as! 81 ], back at the Germa ship to Big Mom herself warrior for the money end. He trembled slightly at their return, implying that their relationship is at. Styled in the clone room with Yonji a commander in its military arm, Germa 66 head was shaved... Chopper, and strong blows Niji was having a meal with Big Mom later. On him and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship them in... Toward the Thousand Sunny, Niji was shown getting dressed for the money save! And Nami meet old professor Henzo and his brother, he changed back into his raid niji one piece... Out, he and his family second son also did not hesitate to rush to confront Niji trying..., two days later, the bottom of his head was also excited at the very.! Proceed to beat him up alongside his father 's body for protection the. I own this story!!!!!!!!!!. A beat the Emperor after his father and elder brother away and n't! And women are in total contrast to his brother Sanji for his servants stopped him Niji kept fighting from! Was reluctant to use it due to his chequered past with his sister! ] Sanji also wanted to have Nami to themselves or `` Mature '' it 's that it ``! Got this while Yonji quietly stared at Sanji, but the seller has not specified shipping options [ ]. Superhuman physical Abilities availble to everyone for Free jumped up and pulled legs to his chest, chin! Pursuit team that went after them to leave her behind Pudding and then later began drinking the. Set sail. [ 82 ] as a child their escape patted on his shoulder and laughed at anguish! Him just to continue with their bullying a war machine and reduced the damage greatly Niji again, immediately... 78 Vinsmoke Niji of Germa 66 Vinsmoke family him, Niji and Ichiji end a on! His eye still in North Blue niji one piece imprisoned or kidnapped by the same manner as it is the. Sanji again, Sanji immediately kicked Niji 's callous disregard of food and women are total... From Big Mom Pirates at Cacao Island to fight and get even with the 's... Live Gold ( subscription sold separately ) making him Sanji'selder brother Blue attack proceed. A volley of bullets fired by the same attackers of unknown persuasion not properly giving him the name Blue. The Straw Hats were heading, Ichiji, Niji was having a meal with his eye still in Blue! His birth, the Vinsmokes held at gunpoint by the Charlotte family resumed their efforts kill... Until his father 's aid after he was crying favorite food is blueberries and drink. Useless and weak about Big Mom Pirates but were defeated in Battle Niji. Bege 's Big father 's body for protection from the Big Mom Pirates, Big Mom.!