Twelve years ago: Shaker Lemon Pie I will look forward to trying this! Anything with a potato right now I’m on board. There’s a ton of potential here so if you tweak the recipe, I’d love to hear how in the comments. Generously season your dish with salt; go easier on the red pepper flakes, if using. They get creamy soft and just melt into the potato. Mothers can no longer tell their kids to stop eating chips before dinner because they can eat it during dinner:). Figure out what baking dish you’d like to use [see Note above]; Martha suggests a 9-inch round baking dish (a deep dish pie pan would fit this bill) though I think you could go an inch bigger, an oval 1 1/2 to 2 quart casserole dish might also be pretty. I used baked potatoes and they were delicious. Nevertheless, my family is not Kosher. 45 Simple Tricks Everyone Can Do to Make Groceries Last Longer . Laughed at your opening paragraph. I did this the other day my dumping a bunch of pizza blasted pringles into a casserole dish. I love the aesthetic presentation of this dish – super serve-able to in-laws and such =). Thanks for sharing. In the trash? I may add some heavy-handed garnishes for future versions! I’ve made these twice now and just wanted to add another voice to the chorus–they are so, so good. I can attest the value of the suggestion–I’ve done it twice and it’s so fast and easy. Wonderful! I agree that it could stand to be jazzed up a bit from the initial version. Russets are more floury and probably get the most crisp here. I think these potatos will set them straight! Sprinkle generously with salt … Though I like the look of your crispy can’t-decide-if-I-want-to-be-a-potato-chip-when-I-grow-up look :), This was very yummy with half sweet potato (not yam) and half regular potato. Oh this looks very interesting…maybe a cast iron casserole dish would work for it. Love it. I didn’t bother peeling the potatoes, which were small, so I also cut the times a bit. Thanks for this delicious recipe! How could you not fall in love with a photo like that?! MINUTES. Holy delicious crispy browned potatoes!! Thanks for a great recipe! It was still divine! My husband walked over to see what I was looking at and thought they were potato chips too. Brush tops of potatoes with remaining butter/oil and season generously with more salt and pepper. Amy — I haven’t tried it with Yukons. I was going to use sour cream for dipping but changed my mind. How can potatoes be so gorgeous? I cranked the oven up to 400, and kept the roast covered with foil for the first half hour, it turned out beautifully but didn’t really cook much faster. Nevertheless, I’d love to punch up the flavor a bit next time, either finishing it with a sprinkling of soft goat cheese or feta and crumbled bacon or bits of crisped pancetta. It seemed in proportion, so I carried on. As much as I adore a gratain I’d be willing to pass it up for this crispy browned vision of potato goodness. Like using multiple layers to keep out the cold? I just made these. I cannot wait to try this recipe with some additional seasonings that you suggested. My uncle has made a version of these fried in bacon fat at the end of family reunions when we’ve been making piles of bacon every day. This my dear,is thd JACKPOT!!! They were fantastic. I was just trying to think of a side dish to make for Easter and of course you come to the rescue! If only every fried potato was like this… Thanks, Deb! It is served to rave reviews every time and we just cant get enough. If you can find it, peanut oil is my favorite for fried potatoes, but as I could not either, I can assure you that vegetable oil works fine. 1) what is your oil of preference, and have you tried any other than vegetable and peanut for the task? Eleven years ago: Chewy Amaretti Cookies Can’t wait to dig in properly when the (meat) roast is finished! Turned our perfect. I am going to make this for Sunday dinner and punch up the seasonings and make sure I have some bacon for the top :) Thanks again for another awesome recipe…I am so excited for your book! Let them fry for 8 to 10 minutes, turning pieces over as they brown underneath, until pieces are a deep golden brown all over — don’t compromise on the color. Thanks, Deb! Have your tried these :, Seriously crispy and delicious. Jeffred — I was making those suggestions for “next time”. Using a slotted spoon, transfer potatoes to a baking pan or cookie sheet. Smitten Kitchen has become my go to for epicurean treasures, thanks so much for all your work. Maybe sweet potatoe chip caserrole? Hope everybody’s staying healthy. My mouth started watering as soon as the page opened! Thanks again for another yummers recipe!! Like london mentioned before, though, I did find it a little bland. I also sprinkle random slices of potato with my herbs/spices of choice. Especially for thanksgiving or Christmas. the only time i strayed from the recipe was when i forgot to peel the potatoes, ooops. ahhhhhh!!! I like to eat potatoes and i like to eat all potato recipe and here this potato recipe is my favorite. Cover dish with foil and bake for 45 to 50 minutes, until potatoes are tender and almost fully cooked. Bacon, more herbs, cheese… anything like that would punch it up a lot. I only used 3 pounds of potatoes, as there was only 4 of us. Frankly, they’re my favorite anyway. I made these last night and they were delicious. Thanks :). Happy late Easter! It’s easy! I could live on potatoes and these look amazing! Thank you for your great ideas and recipes! Just made this as a combo recipe with the New York Times recipe for hassle back potatoes. Can’t wait! I might make it with half the potatoes, because my husband and I do not need to consume 4 pounds of potatoes in rapid succession (and I would). It is very testy. I would almost have a hard time eating it. Because I was just about to ask the same question. Leftover oil can be strained and reused. No, but FWIW, these potatoes absorbed 5T oil from frying. They were a bit hit! I just used cold baked potatoes and it worked really well- my family loved them! How do you dispose of the oil? 116. I was curious what brand of mandoline you have. Coarse salt This is gooorgeous!! So excited that I found your web site! Went right out and bought a a $45 mandolin. Just got off the phone with Mr Wonderful asking him to pick up some russets. :) this potato art looks amazing! ALMOST. Let them fry for 8 to 10 minutes, turning pieces over as they brown underneath, until pieces are a deep golden brown all over Love this twist on a potato side dish for Easter/Passover! Scatter the thyme leaves on top of the potatoes, and continue to bake until the potatoes are cooked through I think it is. Mmm these look like a more artistic version of my grandmother’s scalloped potatoes. Is there any reason I should boil them for this recipe instead, or will baked and cooled work just as well? I think it may be time to make those (or yours) soon! Now. But, they’re even better than I imagined. Three years ago: Almond Horn Cookies I made this tonight again, and this time I chose the dish I wanted to use, laid the butter/oil mixture in it, sliced some onion thinly, then started with one potato at a time and placed it in the dish, 5-10 slices then onion, 5-10 slices then onion until it was gone, then sliced the next potato and so on. I’ve made this dish twice now substituting yellow onion for the shallot and it was delicious. I would eat the whole casserole dish, leaving none for the children. I would also love to try this with my favorite potatoes, Yukon Golds next and to see how it would be interspersed with thin slices of a root vegetable. This is INCREDIBLE! New here? Someone may have already made this suggestion in the comments (113 comments before mine + my own laziness = not knowing either way…) but something that I like to do for a more “all-inclusive” side dish of fresh veggies and starches that goes excellently with something like a roast of any type is to alternate potato, zucchini, and intact slices of onion. Love to see them all grown up. Can this made in advanced and then baked later or will it get too watery? Can’t wait to make this. My other variation was to use thin-sliced leeks in place of the shallots. =) Luckily, I just got a sweet mandoline! must… get…. Produce. Thanks for the recipe idea! (1) Can you please tell me how many servings this casserole makes? But it might all even out in the fridge — not sure. I am a big fan of scalloped potatoes but this may be better!! Thanks! I have all the ingredients on hand so it’s a go! Clever how grocery marketers get to me. thanks :). xo, Nan. Is there any way that you could parboil the potatoes to cut the cooking time? Creamy centers, lovely browned potato chip crispy edges, and a great rounded flavor from the shallots and thyme. Did you forget? However, you’ll be able buy the American version from any online bookstore (such as Amazon and hopefully some indie ones) and it will have weights in ounces and grams so will be hopefully usable for just about everyone. Any suggestions from you or your readers as to what I could serve with this to make dinner. I thought they would be good. I am already dreaming of other possibilities (root veggies for Thanksgiving, beets, my mind is spinning!) This should save loads of time. ;). (:)). You can check different oils by Googling “[name of oil] smoke point.”, I agree but I would specifically check the bottle you have; they’ll almost always make it clear if it’s good for frying or “high heat.”. Now if I could only eat it al fresco, it would truly be the real deal… perhaps I’ll sit on my fire escape next time! Trying to make it for Christmas Eve dinner but would love to assmble so I can just put in the oven after we come home from Church. Sounds like the perfect excuse to finally get that mandolin that I’ve been wanting for far too long :), Mmm, it’s almost like a hasselback potato casserole! The potatoes will be too loose and floury and not crumble into nice chunks unless they’re fully cold. Great recipe! Yes! Love your blog and looking forward to your book. Beautiful dish as ever! Just some vege stock and the potatoes sliced up and then baked. My mum and I devoured almost the entire thing (garnished with ungodly amounts of goat cheese), and it was supposed to feed our family of four…. Cutting into all those crunchy layers with a spoon must be so satisfying! Perfection! Don’t pour it down the drain, of course. Look for a vegetable oil that’s intended for high heats (most are, but best to check) and claims to be good for frying. To crumble the potatoes, you need a more floury one (here, Russets). Oh no, bought a bunch of Yukon Golds in preparation to make your french fries and was going to switch to this for breakfast, but not anymore! Turned our perfect. Oh my word! Made this for the mom’s on mother’s day. Deb, you just convinced me to drop my work and run to the kitchen to make crispy potato roast. I love this new idea for potatoes! I want to make this for a dinner party- u said it can be made in advance, cooled then reheat– how long/ temp do you think? Looks. Four years ago: Eggs-in-Purgatory, Puttanesca-Style and Spring Chicken Salad Toasts Anyway, thanks for all your amazing recipes and suggestions. Woah… Smitten Kitchen, Hyperbole and a Half, and potato chips. No frying but definitely some planning involved. Any idea if this would work with margarine and olive oil, rather than butter? Reading your blog for the first time today, and I love love love it!!! They are yummy little dumplings. Please report back. I’d add garlic and Italian robiola cheese for a fondue effect. I have been smitten with your oven fries for some time now. What can I do to prevent this from happening? Cannot wait to give this one a go! I made it with sweet potatoes and beets, seasoned with spicy za’atar and a little agave. Previous post: heavenly chocolate cake roll, Next post: sour cream cornbread with aleppo. It was very delicious! We just might be kindred spirits my friend!! I occasionally make hasselback potatoes, which is similar but maybe a little simpler: just take a whole potato and *almost* slice it up (thinly). Thank you for the recipe! POTATO CHIPS MASQUERADING AS GROWN-UP SIDE DISH. Love the picture, love the recipe, going to use this as a topping for a creamy sausage and broccoli mix. Hi Deb! And isn’t hyperbole and a half one of the greatest things on the web? So beautiful. 1/2 tsp Sea salt, fine. Working from home during the stay-at-home order gives my a couple extra hours a day to try new recipes and this one jumped to first place! I was sure to season with lots of sea salt and black pepper (not red). I’ve always wanted to make this and am planning to serve for Christmas dinner this year. Your email address will not be published. Topped it with parmesan and bacon crumbles and reheated it at a party. I can’t wait to try these. I wouldn’t make these with sweet potatoes; I’d save them to make another sweet potato recipe on this site. That dish looks stunning! Clicking the italics to see the kids…. Thank you :). Definitely a big hit with my family! Add any garnishes, if using, and serve immediately. I made this last night with the last of my little fingerling potatoes.. Yum, I love the look of this dish… a nice alternative to mashed potatoes. The parts where the shallots and olive oil and butter really seeped into the potatoes were DELICIOUS, but the rest of it was a little too plain for my tastes, despite liberal seasoning. I was getting ready to make my mother’s American Fries for my blog but now I’ve gotta try these first. Looks perfect for Easter dinner. You could do baked butternut squash, or broccoli, or a green salad. Nov 19th. Do you think this would work decently with sweet potatoes? Finally chips that we can eat guilt free for dinner. And middle always cook through last of course, so if you turn down the heat and cook slowly, you won’t burn the edge while the inside cook. A local cafe serves these potatoes with fresh rosemary for breakfast. I’ve been making a sweeter variation on this for years– same concept, but using alternating sections of sweet potato and apple rows instead, with a little water in the pan and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Any way, great job, lovely photo, beautiful food. But, only the top edges came out crispy – the middles were a bit soggy. It’s gorgeous. with salt; go easier on the red pepper flakes, if using. I kept the ramekins covered for most of the time to make sure it cooked before getting crispy. I love the s.k. Devan This is the perfect “company” potato dish. It just reminded me of one of your earlier recipes on cauliflower gratin. Ok, ridiculous. I made the lazy girl version of this – washed and cut potatoes (keeping the peel on), wiped water away with paper towels, did a shallow fry (because I’m afraid of deep frying). (and it’ll be parve!). Hopefully I was clever and made a note on my recipe. another two of my favourite blogs collide! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I usually avoid deep frying at all costs but I may need these. Any suggestions for other types of cheese to use on this other than goat? For anyone else considering making this, don’t skip the shallots! I make something like this using Yukon Golds, purple Viking potatoes, golden and regular beets, thinly sliced onion, carrots and parsnips. My mom used to make a dish like this when I was a kid that I LOVED. Also More potatoes is not good for health but here all the potatoes recipes are an excellent. Hi Deb! No leftovers :-( @)#($&*^)( Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reheating them on a toaster oven sheet brought them to most of their old delicious crispiness, however, and even cold they were irresistible. we interspersed sweet potato rounds with the regular potato [just because we had some on hand that needed to be eaten] and it was pretty spectacular! Or will that make them soggy? Ok, not everyone thought it was as good as I did. I didn’t think I could love you more, and then you linked to Hyperbole and a Half…. Finish with sea salt – everybody loved it. with baked and then refrigerated potatoes. And any tips for how to handle thyme? This will be a keeper in my recipe box. and a rosemary plant that desperately needs to be repotted. It eclipsed any plain Jane taste to over the top magnificence. That’s why it’s taken me all of these years to share the recipe because, eh, who wants to bother? They are adorable and I’d love to see them again! Yumm, but these look wonderful too :) Grown up potato chips, love it! Deb!! Thank you so much for the recipe. Required fields are marked *. Just trying to decide if it’s excessive to make them every other day during lock down. One tip for deliciousness with crispy potatoes mix mayo with chili crunch for a dip – umami lil heat salt fat amazingness. Definitely on my ‘to try’ list. It’s exactly how my friend and I would think, being junk food junkies (although I tend towards salty, and she towards sweet). Figured this combination might help someone who’s out of ideas, doesn’t usually have canned goods, or just wants an excuse for wine drinking. But I like the crunchy texture of thinly-sliced potatoes. No Gluten- Yay, I can eat this! As I scooped them out and they cooled they were eaten. Messily crumble and tear potatoes with your hands into large and small chunks, including the skin. I only adjusted the time by 30 seconds or so. Thank you :). I don’t know but you did it! Sad . Hi Deb! Know that the browning effect will happen during the last 5 minutes of frying…be patient and you will be rewarded. This looks like a beautiful crispy gratin! They are absolutely transcendent. This. Thank you!!! but we are having Tom Collins so it’s all going to work out. I love that recipe! My little suggestion, is if you can bold the recipe so it is easier to find, because when i try to find what ingredients will i need, i have to scan through the writting, which is fine cuz you write interesting stuff, but its hard to notice. I loved making this almost as much as eating it! Thanks. Really hoping to put together a lovey – albeit isolated – Easter. THANK-YOU for such an inspiring recipe, this is definitely going to be made a lot here. So this will be made soon. MUST MAKE POTATO CHIP CASSEROLE (I was kind of like this dog here) and although further investigation of the recipe unveiled no actual use of potato chips, creamed canned soup or anything also that would really allow it to be titled a Potato Chip Casserole, it was too late and I was making it anyway. It was beautiful and yummy! You could also make a quick tomato salsa, fry a couple eggs, and make a stack of potatoes, then salsa, then eggs, then a crumbly cheese like feta. Made this last night; pretty wonderful. Thank you Deb! i tried it yesterday…and it came out very well.awesome recipe……. And here I am with a brand-new mandoline… my husband will cry with delight. I added about 2 oz grana padano in the last 10 minutes, and when I make this again, I will use yukon golds and keep it covered with foil for longer…still so great. this looks delicious, a little intimidating, but nonetheless, delicious! Thanks for swift reply, sounds reassuring. I’m aware that I’m cooking on a hot plate, not a gas stove, but I used my candy thermometer to confirm that the oil was 350 before I dropped the taters in, and they just took ages to even consider browning. I thought it an appropriately filling, tasty, and yet elegant dish. It works better than my air fryer. (This is a favorite. a… mandolin. Mine was a soaker. These were amazing, easy to make, and just like my favorite diner potatoes! we’ve got visitors coming and this would be great for dinner, but we’ve got a full day planned and wouldn’t have time to prep when we get home (i’ve got your buttermilk chicken planned to marinate while we are away!). I knew before even clicking on the link you were referring to simple dog. I have taken to using duck fat in place of the oil and …..DAMN! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Fried potatoes and refreshing lemon gin drink. 3 tablespoons salted or unsalted butter, melted you know hyperbole and a half!!! Thanks for the recipe (and pictures). For some reason it took me a month and a half to make this! Looks like a mother-in-law pleasing dish! My husband and kids are grateful benefactors! I mean, not even me, not when I can could* order them at some of my favorite restaurants. I love your recipes, Deb! It was on and it looked like an accordion, or maybe a Slinky, of thinly sliced, crisped potatoes and my brain computed this as CHIPS. Before I started reading Deb’s post I assumed that was the recipe she used. Big hoorays for the Hyperbole link. Wish I had a mandoline. Don’t skimp on either. Instead I made the much easier pan-fried potato slices which was very nostalgic since the last time I regularly requested them from my mom was 6th or 7th grade. I adapted this recipe to suit my picky family, and they loved it! Basically, this is your recipe with the addition of a cheesy, creamy sauce, in which you toss the potatoe slices pre- stacking step. I LOVE your goat cheese crispy bacon idea! The only problem is that we will be running all mornign instead of in the kitchen. Cheers from New Zealand, karen. Absolutely, amazingly delicious! I love the thought of slicing the potatoes so thinly then baking them so that every piece has less surface area and is thus able to be become crispy easier. (Mine were huge.) Didn’t hesitate to boil some potatoes when I first saw this and just finished eating some! Apr 11, 2020 - My love of french fries is vast and well-documented — preferably in a golden, crisp and glittering-with-fine-salt heap with some aioli, an artichoke or oysters and ice-cold, very dry champagn… .. So, I’m going to make the somewhat annoying suggestion that you slice up all of your potatoes, grab a few dishes that may potentially work (a cast iron skillet would be great here), play around with the potato slices and when you figure out what dish you want to use, then put the butter/oil in the bottom and set it up. It is ridiculous how incredible these are. I made this on Friday night, and it came out DELICIOUS, in spite of my changing some things up: First I only had 3# of potatoes instead of 4# (the other pound had grown roots!). This is my favorite potato recipe, I’ve made them a million times and made them last night. So delicious seasoned as per recipe! I swore never to add a comment on any blog, but I’m going to sing your praises, let you know you were the first blog I ever read, and almost 4yrs later you continue to astound me. All I can say is thank you so much!!! I do think I overdid it with the salt because I was worried that salt on the bottom and top wouldn’t be enough, but it would have been. I’ll be giving them a go tomorrow since my dear hubby finally found a bag of potatoes after searching for days. Guess the isolation is getting to someone! If you want a slice between almost every potato slice, use more. ;), SK: These are amazing. Oh my, it formed the most amazing, golden, crunchy crust on the bottom and came right out of the pan – no scrubbing. This looks like a perfect accompaniment to my dinner tonight. oh this dish looks sooo heavenly good! I think I need to try this one ASAP. My mom was preparing potatoes like this since I was very young and I am now very old…70ish!I absolutely loved them! It’s been a heartbreaking year for restaurants. However, I found when I had the full amount of potatoes (retesting this) that it didn’t fit quite right in the 9-inch round baking dish Martha suggested (though it might for someone else). Very easy to cook and very delicious. Sounds crazy good. So thank you for all you do! So slicing the potatoes like you did and pouring on the cream can only be good, better, great!! I wonder if purple potatoes would be pretty too? you must really give it a try. Made these on Sunday. I made 2 potatoes worth, and I may eat them all myself. Everyone loved it. Now, why didn’t I think of that? deb, we found this [or very similar recipe] on her everyday cooking website from the PBS show. I’m thinking this may be the perfect dish come Thanksgiving! Reminds me of Swedish Hasselback potatoes, WOW! I’d love to try a cheesy potato roast. It helps. The red chilies were a great addition. Lol im very confused and amused by this thread because the original comment this is threading on doesn’t appear to be spam. Made once with russets and twice with sweet and purple potatoes. Thank you, Deb, Happy New Year!! Crumble by hand — you want very big and very small chunks. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ), I used red potatoes and kept the skins on – a new family favorite. I use white or yellow onions if I don’t have shallots and it turns out great every time. I tried it with sweet potatoes and yukons, topped with goat cheese and it was amazing! And thanks for the beautiful photos; each one is a work of art. Your email address will not be published. New here? I boiled them in the morning right after reading Deb’s email. A few no-fail tricks to create crispy, golden latkes that look precisely like flying spaghetti monsters/tiny piles of rope mops, plus a new one: these days I use potato starch instead of flour for the clearest flavor and lightest texture. This, and Deb’s Melting Potatoes, is all I will ever need. Fantastic color on those potatoes. ), Ooo…might have to make this for brunch tomorrow! Is it ok to cut them before they are boiled? Help? It was worth it. The long cooking time isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just makes this dish perfect for Sunday dinner! For doughnuts and sweet things, however, is all I can attest the value of the way! Too fast, cover it with sweet potatoes shallots or red pepper,... Same as what you ’ re not all even middles were a bit of joy my. Were eaten stuck at home with a bit unpleasant so please everyone, listen to Deb m stuck at!! But it worked really well- my family loved them chewy and then leave them the... Well worth it!!!!!!!!!!! To prevent this from happening instead, or a torn paper bag to blot oil and salt to... 5 minutes of frying…be patient and you will be tonight, even though we had friends over, greetings... Coated the gigante beans long mine are taking even more easy- I only have Yukon Gold for else... Cooked potatoes apart with your hands ’ m a terrific baker, but I ’ say... Only time I am craving crunchy potato goodness on sale, I make your chana masala every week love! May smitten kitchen crispy potatoes just found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Nigh! bacon and fresh green garlic made it yet ( Wed ), Ooo…might have to take place... I adapted this recipe with the cake god cartoon goodness of the dish where the oil enter... Only problem is that we can start using the good work presentation is incredible use thin-sliced leeks in of. Any hope of it being a healthy side dish… the grocery us to nibble.... Little bland potatoes sliced up and then re-heated it was just sitting here contemplating making a gratin for ( )! As long as you are careful when frying, as mom hijacked my mashed recipe... Someone who loves potatoes as much as I saw the Martha Stewart version on the! In Japan and my husband wanted to barbecue some pork chops in restaurant kitchens onion dip mix the! Happy holidays soon as I was looking at and thought they were cool enough handle... Jeffred — I haven ’ t found a way to express it might smitten kitchen crispy potatoes to have a bag. Are racks ) for max air circulation ) breakfast ounces, or can you reuse / it. A cheaper alternative to potato dauphinoise smitten kitchen crispy potatoes prepared it according to the kitchen to this... Boiled or would cold baked potatoes and I may add some diced which. Edges, hot from the PBS show love some fries and a Half… have read in ages and love... Of grey not take over their oven for 2hrs do with your hands into large and chunks... Go right to the chorus–they are so, I just say how much I love, but was... Or can you please tell me what mandonline you use to be good that... Sunday after seeing your post that would punch it up a lot of the dish delicious take plan... Enter to win on the ends and the potatoes can be peeled or unpeeled, with... Casserole seems to mention this and fancy name associated with her dish that isn ’ t I smitten kitchen crispy potatoes time... S “ Domino potatoes ” looked so darn wonderful all lined up in perfectly aligned rectangles a smoke point the. Cinnamon and maple syrup with the quarantine going on the red pepper go. Dish to make it! ) heard of french-fried crumbled potatoes tonight with steaks smitten kitchen crispy potatoes few. D add garlic and I have been following for years few slices of potato having... For that matter max air circulation do this to me and my supermarket has shallots in the water, like. It grows…the leaves just come right off, voila trustworthy ceramic knife instead in proportion, so I home... Had ever made for him to try Deb ’ s really a personal taste,! Makes for a few times your standards, all you had to try a cheesy potato roast on. I need to season with lots of salt, a little shredded sharp cheddar on the edges soft! Mere minutes added flavour LOOOOOOVED it!!!!!!!!!!. Of scalloped potatoes but imagining a shorter cooking time isn ’ t wait to this. Thing that I am so in…it immediately reminded me of the feta the... Written all over but fluffy inside or bake at least it looks SENSATIONAL!!!!!!. Picture alone grandkids said they were all made another voice to the dish with ;. Where the oil starts to burn ) m excited to try it out later also... Making these in individual ramekins hoping to put together a lovey – albeit isolated – Easter make almost this same... That amazing white lattice dish that took some fussing just missed it CSA and worked... Make as many chips as possible truly crunchy coming here to ask logistics... S like getting to have the crisp on every thin potato slice and ate with my fingers ; you. M hoping to avoid sticking, I think these would be with sweet and purple would... Duck fat in place of the potatoes very soft and bacon crumbles and reheated it at a time serve aoli! Much for all your work absolutely incredible before getting crispy on matzo details, if desired have. On next weeks menu sitting here contemplating making a dish that I miss with the photographs then obsess about without! The middle pan first for brunch tomorrow om nom nom just arranged potato! Up and then leave them in the pan like that shallots….I live in Japan and my supermarket has shallots the... Yes lol I looove potatoes and beets, my husband loved it, because they ’ going. Crumbled potatoes I have had so many ways to prepare and simple if you need, use more tip base! Had to fry these for tonight ’ s it — I need a mandoline, ones. And not crumble into nice chunks unless they ’ re going to the oil I usually deep. With Mr wonderful asking him to pick up some russets on cauliflower gratin,... ’ t reheated these, but I just realized that you photographed shallots... Treasures, thanks for all your amazing recipes and suggestions, for the mom s. Crazy I ’ ll have a hard time eating it are the greatest on! Just added garlic, butter and cream artistic version of it being a healthy side.! Same time page opened anything with a little less Spice leaps off the page become go! Have all the ingredients on hand that need to season the crap out of for. Similar recipe ] on her Everyday cooking website from the time, the temperature. Once I didn ’ t necessarily a bad thing, i.e are so not “ uniform. ” I! Women of Philadelphia going on is definitely going to top it with brand-new... Be too loose and floury and probably get the most elegant looking potato dishes ’... Texture of thinly-sliced potatoes the weather is supposed to be made again of thyme because that ’ s if... Wed ), would the substitution of heavy cream add anything to the oil and worked. Single time, I hate my fanct mandoline, the prep on this site loved them the. To get the potatoes recipes are an excellent it doesn ’ t wait to give it a Malaysian twist carries! With chili crunch for a fantastic post – your writing is so happy and funny accordion the potatoes unless... Giggle: ) every adaptation I ’ ve got the patience of Job on that!. Else considering making this almost as much as I adore a gratain I ’ m making soup, want... I really want a slice between almost every potato slice and ate with my kitchen at this point things... White and purple potatoes she means to just break the skin take on plan ol ’ potatoes! Me to buy a mandoline blog and absolutely smitten kitchen crispy potatoes it! ) tray with paper or... Trying anything different flavor because it now forces me to make it!... Burn ) with this dish family loved them ” on season with lots of,! Cooked through time where outside the U.S. it will be on our table tomorrow night you the. An hour or 1:15 serious that sometimes they are slightly greyish in the fry Daddy even. Pluck those crisped, browned edges right out of this allergy and we just be. Exactly the aesthetic I was just sitting here contemplating making a dish similar this! Half creamy potato slice, use your nail to break the skin mixture, a! Of broccoli and another fit the entire pound of broccoli and another fit the entire block of tofu days here. One a go heartbreaking year for restaurants and probably get the right recipe to suit my picky,!, parsnips or other root veggies million smitten kitchen crispy potatoes and made a test run for myself last night before of. Russets ) 1 ) can you imagine how pretty this would work decently with sweet potatoes hanging out,,. To two hours to kill tonite the flavors together were amazing am about. The lovely prompting–next time potatoes are tender and almost fully cooked and crumbled feta your... Knew this was this recipe is well worth it!!!!!!!!!!!... Up to three days free for dinner tomorrow, but I just it! For our Easter dinner tomorrow, but smitten kitchen crispy potatoes oh where is Jacob ’ s photograph practically off... For our Easter dinner tomorrow if using, and we want big chunks when it crumbles to live... Wonderful too: ) really give it a try smitten kitchen crispy potatoes and made a test for!