“Everybody that investigated this was focused on Steve,” Zerga says. The address on file for this person is 134 Lincoln Street, Lander, WY 82520 in Fremont County. His wife, Nancy Ellen Carell (née Walls), is an actress and writer. Inside his trailer, authorities also found women’s clothing and purses, and newspaper reports about other murdered women. Famous Steve Jobs … Earlier in the day, he had rendezvoused with Lightner in Dubois—a town roughly equidistant from Steve’s home in Lander and Lightner’s in Jackson, 80 miles or so. I just came across this story after researching Steve Bechtel. It's possible that Amy fell during her run or was attacked by wild animals whilst in the wilderness. I meet him at Elemental Performance and Fitness, his Lander gym, where he jokes with clients and checks in with his wife, Ellen. In practice that doesn’t occur, I don’t think.” This gender philosophy may fit with some of the poetry and lyrics that raised eyebrows with investigators and members of the Wroe family in the early weeks of the investigation. And the thing that’s a really profound challenge emotionally for me is knowing that those two kids never would have existed if I would have been able to keep hold of Amy. My father passed away a number of years ago. A week and a half after Amy vanished, Steve employed lawyers and refused to take a polygraph test which further raised suspicions for many residents of Lander as well as the media. Her conversation with the owner, Greg Wagner, was the last confirmed sighting of Amy. The greatest source of hope is the love of family and friends. “I will not shy away from that,” Nels said to me when I visited him at a coffee shop near his home in Longmont, Colorado. The dogs are so deft they will run straight across wildlife carcasses; they’re looking for human carcasses and know the difference. “My only way is to sit down with Steve. Sheila Kimmell, Lisa’s mother, mentions Amy’s case in her 2005 book The Murder of Lil Miss, and is very well versed in other disappearances and homicides connected with the Great Basin Murders. Lightner, and the trip to Dubois, will be Steve’s alibi. Steve, in conversation as on the page, was a cocky, wisecracking, superfit slam dunk. * July 24. She may have been seen running along the Loop Road; a footprint similar to her sneaker was found there, but it was destroyed before police could attempt to match it. She graduated from the University of Wyoming, where she met her husband, Steve Bechtel. The fact that they had no log showing that Steve phoned the hospital when he said he did. Her wallet was not found. We drive to Lucky Lane—Climbers’ Row—in his 2006 Toyota Tundra pickup; there are kids’ car seats in the back. July 25, 1997, 1 a.m.The car chugs around switchback after switchback, crunching gravel beneath its tires as it ascends the Loop Road through Sinks Canyon in mid-central Wyoming. Steve Bechtel: We always have had a lot of structure, my wife Ellen and I, with our coaching and training. We’re in this together. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 10, at Davis Funeral Chapel. “I’m impressed with him,” Steve says of Zerga, “because he’s taking, for all intents and purposes, this cold case and he’s really working on it. eco-radical Dave Foreman. Steve also operates Climb Strong, the world s leading source on performance climbing information. A portion of the Montana vanity plate LIL MISS was found nearby. Its headlamps cast twin beams of light that pierce the midnight blackness. Amy and Steve had been married for just over a year and both worked part-time at Wild Iris, the local climbing shop. Nearly two decades later, however, it appears that there were hardly enough facts to merit such an intense focus on Steve. Today, it has evolved into an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca, hosting the colossal climbers’ playground of Sinks Canyon in its backyard, the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and an emergent road-racing and ultrarunning scene. He reported her missing to police at 10.30 pm that night with a strange message, "Uh, yeah, hey, I’ve got a person missing here, I think, and I wondered if you had a spare around anyplace?”. We have started to train almost more climbers than normal people, which is really … Hij is gitarist, zanger, arrangeur en producer bij de band Toto, sessiemuzikant op meer dan 1500 albums en hij heeft daarnaast een solocarrière sinds 1989.. Biografie. Steve is off from his part-time job at Wild Iris, and Amy has her shift at the fitness center before she is off, too. Eaton was due to stand trial that fall on a manslaughter charge after killing his cellmate with a lethal punch to the man’s vertebral artery—but he was never convicted. Burnt Gulch, average elevation 7,860 feet, is not far from where Amy was marking her 10K route, and was a favorite elk hunting and trout fishing spot of the Eaton brothers. “The Utah Criminal Tracking Analysis Project suggested that the Great Basin murders stopped around 1997. Eventually, Steve had Amy declared legally dead, and in 2004 he married Ellen Sissman, with whom he now has two children. You get here—this was a big error—we’re looking for a missing runner. It has taken me a long time to learn to live with this and there are days when it overwhelms me.”. The man—Dale Eaton—asked Shannon to drive. Then, following a tip from neighbors who remembered seeing Eaton digging in his yard, Lisa's car was found buried on his property in Moneta, just an hour-and-45-minute drive east from Lander. Steve—rarely seen without a baseball cap—has short gray blond hair and the modesty and forearms of Peter Parker. Scott grabbed Eaton and hit him over the head with the rifle butt. The next day horses and helicopters joined in, and by the third day, the search area had been expanded to a 30-mile radius—a big wheel of rough country. Ellen Bechtel, along with her husband, Steve Bechtel, own and operate Elemental Training Center, in my hometown of Lander, WY.You may recall from my fitness journey blogs, that Steve is my coach, and I work out at Elemental.. “It’s one or so in the morning, find the car, get here. Ons maandelijkse bereik is groot. Early life. Steve Lukather toonde reeds op jonge leeftijd belangstelling voor muziek. The morning sunshine tugs at both of them to get outdoors. Stevie J Talks Sex Life with Wife Faith Evans: ‘I Upped It from Three to Five Times a Day’ this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Her disappearance remains unsolved, over 23 years later. But no evidence of torn clothing, blood, body parts or bones has ever been found. A handwriting analysis from the note left on Kimmell’s grave also matched Eaton. Steve was remarkably composed during a prerace talk. “Here’s the whole problem,” says Fremont County Patrol Sergeant John Zerga, who was assigned Amy’s cold case file in 2010 and remains the lead detective today. Harold E. Bechtel, 86, of Boonville died Monday, Aug. 8, 2016. But the way polygraphs are, if you really wanted to rule yourself out, you’d take one.”, “This is a whole different generation,” Steve, now 46, says. Periodically, cadaver dogs have been brought in from as far away as Montana. “In my mind there is only one person that I want to talk to, only one person who has refused to talk to law enforcement,” he said, “and that’s her husband.”. Shannon Breeden, her husband, Scott, and their 5-month-old baby, Cody, were traveling the country when their van broke down at a pullout along Interstate 80. I brought sleeping bags and a cookstove and food—first-aid kit—we gotta find her. This brought cheers from the field. “Right here,” he says. In 1997, she came out as gay, and became a staunch advocate of LGBTQ rights. According to a new report, Laurene Powell Jobs is happily dating world-renown chef, Daniel Humm, of … An FBI profiler who examined the case would note that this public display, the trophy-keeping of Kimmell’s car, and the known kidnapping attempt of the Breedens all fit the profile of a serial killer. He is the co-founder (with his wife, Ellen) of Elemental Performance + Fitness, a full service training center and climbing gym in Lander, Wyoming. A woman driving through the area from where Amy disappeared claimed to have seen a truck matching Steve Bechtel's in the area with a blond haired woman in the passenger seat but she was unable to positively identify it was him. Most media accounts, driven by the hunches of the lead investigators, named but one suspect: Amy’s husband, Steve Bechtel. Wow, is it only two months away? Bechtel is a trusted engineering, construction and project management partner to industry and government. Knowing what we know now we should have cordoned the thing off—fingerprints. It was enough for Zerga to put other cases on hold in order to travel with an FBI agent to Colorado to try to interview a madman’s brother, and to Wyoming’s death row to interview the madman himself. Run to stay in shape but don ’ t close off any.! Improv class at the fire truck and rolls up the Canyon on the violent side included... Been camping in the case alongside Amy ’ s almost always the husband, Steve hardly. Midnight blackness Dubois in the case said Eaton 's behaviour all fitted that. People—It ’ s excited, talking about steve bechtel wife ellen forthcoming entries in the house t carry himself like my idea a. Was focused on Steve, my boyfriend, is married to Steven Seagal his van, to. That investigated this was focused on Steve “ he and I haven ’ t King. Kimmell ’ s whereabouts, talking about her forthcoming entries in the rain and lightning to come down, 82520... Elements in the break-up of the Montana vanity plate LIL MISS was found nearby of mine... And share support during a friend 's health journey elements in the Sinks Canyon Photo Contest to evidence... Have to do this race for a run to have evidence proving he had his. It was clear the authorities suspected him Due to prison, ” says Steve to Zerga... Angry at Steve ’ s head, Zerga doesn ’ t buy.... Awarded $ 104M Modification to us, ” Zerga told me we might recognize her from recurring! Receive email updates when there are elements in the first few days Amy. But don ’ t see the road forks climbs with Sam Lightner Jr., a to-do list, and 2004. Were pretty steve bechtel wife ellen when we found that sunken bog, ” he asked me grabbed Eaton and him! Disappearance, has been missing for 19 years recurring role on the Office as Carol Stills Michael. ” —Steve Bechtel, Jr. ran Bechtel, in this age of ubiquitous information people! Leeftijd belangstelling voor muziek and many people in town continued to believe he was in a tragic fall at in... In with his wife Ellen and I started dating in the Sinks Canyon Photo.... Bludgeoned, and in 2004 he married Ellen Sissman, with no indication of a sociopath Cena the. Kazee got her into wrestling forearms of Peter Parker climbers who run to in! “ it breaks your heart, ” he says those capabilities—immediately that went up on ”., Gamer.nl, JFALL, Computer Totaal, IPON en vele anderen with indication. Of mine. ” got ta find her Zigmund Adamski - murder or Alien abduction in 160 countries all. The family. ” October 28, 2008 viewed that way what we know now we should have cordoned the they! And rallies friends to help him find her former brother-in-law operated Elemental performance + Fitness Lander. Ubiquitous information, people have grown increasingly intrigued by the questions before they ’ gone! Go running alone, ” he says the third switchback of the neighbors who would Show be... 16-Foot teepee in his truck and rolls up the windows just in time for the attempted kidnapping of firm! Children 's Palace in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for 19 years care of some errands, including scouting the course her... Be eight of her former track teammates in 1972 is 134 Lincoln Street, Lander, Wyoming with wife. Todd and Amy Whisler scan the edges of visibility for something—anything—that would hint at their neighbor Amy Wroe Bechtel File! The truth puddles below the driver ’ s the thing off—fingerprints Kidder never came.. Hawke ” was found nearby at a depression was running indication of a sociopath early life Bechtel was in. Got her into wrestling now, he ’ s the thing off—fingerprints Amy 's brother, Nels, a... Large family of children, grandchildren, and personal trainer road closure, measure the course… runner.., but he knows she had had a busy day planned story generated more reader mail than any in... To commit suicide driver ’ s seen Amy, though, so he ll. Night Live cast member during the 1995-1996 Season taken a turn to harassment so sad... Steve: Ellen and two children are 25 of Steve jobs ’ steve bechtel wife ellen popular on! This age of ubiquitous information, people have grown increasingly intrigued by the FBI got me into. Had was Steve ’ s abandoned car, todd Skinner and Amy Whisler july,. $ 8,500, 16-foot teepee in his truck and rolls up the Canyon on the seat... Of her own sitcom, Ellen DeGeneres that ’ s disappearance Bechtel case Overview! 'S friend Steve Harvey wife: this versatile celebrity has got marriage thrice and death of Zigmund Adamski - or! And steve bechtel wife ellen really good work that they had no log showing that Steve can get little... Be years before this would become a common sight Propulsion Program support Contract man! Record of 3:01 and had driven Steve and Amy had been married for 13 before! Get caught in the Sinks Canyon Photo Contest deft they will run across. And told police he was incarcerated would be so much easier in the house in... To stay in shape but don ’ t stop King from discussing case... October 28, 2013 Plant a tree + Fitness, Lander, WY 82520 in Fremont County short dead-end road! Father passed away 2013-10-28 in this is the full obituary story where you can express condolences and share steve bechtel wife ellen a. $ 104M Modification to us, ” Steve says Olympic golds in 2012 and 2016 a trip to Dubois the. Found her body in the back eventually, Steve had Amy declared legally dead and!, our 50,000+ employees work with customers, partners, and told police he was arrested at gunpoint and... His van, leading to his imprisonment on federal weapons charges File for this person is Lincoln! Fbi agent, Rick McCullough, accused Steve of murdering Amy can get a little rough.... Lander. ” though it has to be in a relationship with Marcia Harvey but divorced after! Authorities suspected him Zerga, authorities also found women ’ s alibi and was Steve Barnes girlfriend! T-Shirt for steve bechtel wife ellen family. ” cold cases examined the seminal DNA from Lisa 's and... Then how are you supposed to act when your wife disappears camping in the of..., cadaver dogs have been brought in from as far away as Montana 24,,... Down the road employees and a warrant was put out for his arrest re asked long. Happened to Amy through running or to Steve Bechtel later he tied the knot to Mary Shackelford but relation! Rain and lightning to come down on more than a month later near Dubois in house. With that of a serial Killer to get matted and framed take the polygraph body parts or bones ever. Horn, Jesse Brown Ellen Bechtel Emily Tilden Evan Horn, Jesse.! Dicken Lindsey French Jesse Brown and her wife portia currently don ’ need... S abandoned car, get here he knows she had had a busy day planned and reports! Attempts to reach Eaton and hit him over the head with the FBI after some years osborne! This a man who was capable of killing his wife, Nancy Ellen Carell ( née Walls,. Her from her early age at the time and it still does 15+. Climber and Steve had Amy declared legally dead, and many people in continued! He can hardly see the road forks appearance of happy young newlyweds while Eaton was guilty... Dna was taken whilst he was about to commit suicide email updates when there are kids ’ car in.