Insertion. Students read and listen to a range of humorous poems by different authors. Choreographic Devices Powerpoint. Contemporary Dance Exercise. stories Narrative form. Unison. Highlights. Choreographic Approaches Theme Props Episodic Narrative Christopher Bruce’s choreography approaches in making Swansong: Dance and human rights. Choreographic Approach Bruce worked collaboratively with the dancers. For the teacher, the mind map makes the act of choreography more transparent. Read More. 3.2.1 Documenting the choreography . National 5 Dance Choreography learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers. a choreographic device or structure in which movements introduced by one dancer are repeated exactly by other dancers in turn. Ninja Walk Ninja Glide . Manipulation of Numbers. retrograde. Relate this back to the movements you have learnt… Choreographic Devices was developed by Murat Adash, Ofri Cnaani, and Edgar Schmitz, in close dialogue with the ICA, London. 1 of 14. 3 of 14. upside down . fragmentation. Arts_Team. Have a look at this PowerPoint – Choreographic Devices. specific - signature motifs, such as . Motif & Development. Slide 2: 1 choreographic structure you chose for the dance. Assessment It is suggested that each learner must produce at least two pieces of choreography lasting between two and three minutes as a minimum. Create a powerpoint which includes choreographic devices used in both solo works. Week 4: KK7, KK8. Motif, variation and development ; Phrasing ; Chance ; Addition ; Repetition ; Visual and rhythmic design ; Complementary or contrast ; Unison ; Canon ; Climax ; Contrast ; Highlights ; The use of these in relation to the artistic ; intention or dance idea; 19 Rehearsal Process. It is generously supported by the Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England (CHASE). A PowerPoint that outlines each device. Choreographic Devices. Repetition. They use this knowledge to innovate on poems and evaluate the poems by expressing a personal viewpoint using evidence from the poem. Week 3: KK5, KK6. ACADAM009 – Explore movement and choreographic devices using the elements of dance to choreograph dances that communicate meaning. Read More. Embellishment. Force. Contemporary Dance Rise up – Andra Day. This development portrays the journey he wanted the audience … 5. Read More. Share with a friend. Task 2- Research . And then eventually comes the important performance! Choreographic devices Motif development Complementary And Contrasting Climax Unison Canon Question and answer Repetition, variation and development – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 3ba8c0-NjUwZ Choreographic devices Tools of the choreographer used for the … Contemporary Dance Exercise . Choreographic Devices Motifs Choreographic Devices Motif - is a sequence of action/movements which can be developed 6 Basic Actions * Travel * Balance/Stillness * Jump * Turn * Gesture * Fall The process of developing material and giving it structure. – Section 4: Slow Trio – Section 5: Second Solo Key Words Manipulation of movements Choreographic Devices Slide show: Prezi Powerpoint Consider how the use of a chair (prop) is the main focus of the attack and defense between the three dancers in Swansong. The choreographer and the dancers created movement material for this work, however it is Kenrick who selects . Anxiety of the music. Stimulus-Starting point/ inspiration for … A powerpoint can be found on the weebly that has definitions of each choreographic device. Discuss the dance design of each dance work. Powerpoint presentation on Choreographic Devices for Solo and Group dances to think about before and whilst choreographing your dance. Choreographic Devices – things you could add to develop it. Describe in your own words while utilizing the vocabulary described in the Choreographic Principles PowerPoint. The mind map enables students to plan from the literal ideas, by applying the elements of dance and a range of choreographic devices, through to a more abstract representation. Posted in SATPE Dance. Ideas started from a family sitting at a table. Canon. Discuss certain sections/phrases in each dance that show the expressive intention. Name 3 Laban Effort Actions you observed in our Bharatanatayam Workshop. Posted in SATPE Dance. Items required to be included are listed below: Slide 1: How will the dance begin? Classical and contemporary dance. Hip Hop Dance Routine instructions and video. The Music ‘Til Enda’ by Olafur Arnalds, was a starting point. Read More. To support assessors' marking of the choreography, students must write a Programme note of approximately 120–150 words. P4, M4, D4 Feedback session. 2 of 14. Bruce was asked why a choreographer might include human rights themes in his work, particularly as there is a view that the arts should only be concerned with creating beauty. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui For their selected set work students must know and understand: the significance of the character of the dance the subject matter (eg theme or topic) of the dance and its treatment the form of the dance (eg phrases, sections) and its effectiveness in Students will also be required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of choreographic skills by responding to questions in the critical appreciation (Component 2) written exam. Choreographic Devices. Hip Hop Dance Routine instructions and video. Choreographic devices. Posted in SATPE Dance. A PowerPoint that outlines each device… Choreographic Devices lesson plan template and teaching resources. This term students will engage in proficiency strands of Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning. Term 2 Curriculum Overview and Assessments. Inversion. Contemporary Dance Exercise. ACADAM010 – Develop technical and expressive skills in fundamental movements including body control, accuracy, alignment, strength, balance and … Choreographic Devices Powerpoint. Read More. Mathematics. Post-performance evaluation preparation and delivery – viva voce, PowerPoint or written evaluation. Discuss the Formal Structure of each dance work. Perform a phrase backwards. Canon A choreographic device that reflects the musical form of the same name in which individuals and groups perform the same movement phrase beginning at different times. Complimentary & Contrasting a choreographic device where detail is added to a move, such as a hand gesture or an arm movement. Contemporary Dance Exercise . Read More. Looking at the dance as a whole describe the: Space Effort Time Effort Flow Effort Weight Effort Example: "The footwork for the second section was direct, bound, sustained and heavy". They identify structural features and poetic language devices in humorous poetry. … choreographic devices, formations and use of space. Climax. Hip Hop Dance Routine. Unit . Fragmentation. Use only part of a motif, or several parts but not the whole phrase. Dance Choreographic Devices Resource. Motifs - choreographic devices Formations Use of space . Posted in SATPE Dance. Collaborate for free with an online version of Microsoft PowerPoint. ‘Neo-classical’ Choreographer Christopher Bruce Costume Performance Choreography The art of planning and arranging dance movements into a meaningful whole; the process of building a composition; a finished dance work. Contemporary Dance Rise up- Andra Day. Motif, variation and development ; Phrasing ; Chance ; Addition ; Repetition ; Visual and rhythmic design ; Complementary or contrast ; Unison ; Canon ; Climax ; The use of these in relation to the artistic intention or Dance Idea; 18 Rehearsal Process. Contrast. Unit 2 – Term 2. Dance; Choreographic Devices; GCSE; AQA; Created by: katiemoo1; Created on: 06-02-17 18:53; Vary the Release of energy. Posted in SATPE Dance. Contemporary Dance Rise up- Andra Day. Good Resource – Dance Choreographic Devices *Make sure all of your planning is evidenced within your blog* Lesson 1 – Theory. This is a useful website to visit, with movement examples: Choreographic Approaches Theme Props Episodic Narrative Christopher Bruce’s choreography approaches in making Swansong: Dance and human rights. Posted in SATPE Dance. 14 What was the aural setting Original production and arrangement by Michael Mikey J November composed by max richter Til enda composed by olafur arnalds The music shifts from urban drum beats and electronic sounds to a modern classical composition (November and til enda). As you know often when we choreograph a dance there is a stimulus and theme behind it. Hip Hop Dance Routine. Hide Show resource information. Rating. There is another video on the Dance You Tube channel on ways to develop a motif. 0.0 / 5. Topic Nutrition of a dancer and choreography –Choreographic devices 1 Remote Link Nutrition Choreography 16th November Topic Mental skills and attributes - Choreography –Choreographic devices 2 Remote Link Mental skills 23rd November Topic Performance and feedback –Workshop –Swan Lake Remote Link Choreography 30th November This article develops the dancers’ choreographic notebook as a cross-disciplinary documentational device in the representation and analysis of multi-sensual qualitative sources. 4. 0. Review the Choreographic Structures and Choreography Devices PowerPoint presentations {in Jazz folder on Edmodo, in Files on Teams}. Share them with others and work together at the same time. Create a Prezi or PowerPoint presentation describing how you think we should put the dance together. 3: Examining traditional . Narrative Story of Tawhirmatea; Structure in Tawhirimatea – based on key Using Choreographic Devices to add complexity to your work-Structuring: Deciding how your pieces will all fit together-Rehearsing and Refining: Ensuring you know exactly what you are doing. Here a short list of Choreographic Devices to reflect upon when evaluating your dance…. He replied that, for himself, social and political themes … Read More. Powerpoint External Exam – Notes and Information; Choreographic Intention of Rotunda; Rotunda – Meaning of the Title; Meaning of the Title – “Tawhirimatea” – Maori Legend (story) Interview with Shona McCullogh (Choreographer) – Part 1; Tawhirimatea – dance clip with Key Ideas; Structure of Tawhirimatea. Choreographic Devices. 97 Downloads 575 Views Updated: Thursday, July 14, 2016 - 6:01pm. Save presentations in OneDrive. No votes yet. Choreographic Devices. … Task. Ninja Static & STIMULUS . Contemporary Dance Rise up – Andra Day. Read More. Keyword: Choreographic Devices – the tools a choreographer selects and uses to communicate ideas, including: abstraction, sequence, repetition, transition, contrast, variation and canon. Share ideas with your group – you can have a free 30 min Zoom catch up! PowerPoint Presentation Author: Wells, Amanda Last modified by: Wells, Amanda Created Date : 7/27/2007 3:12:34 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show (4:3) Other titles: Times New Roman Arial Calibri Tempus Sans ITC Bradley Hand ITC Curlz MT Jokerman Lucida Handwriting Broadway Copperplate Gothic Bold Comic Sans MS Default Design PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint … Posted in SATPE Dance. Each dancer had a voice in the family to tell their story. Posted in SATPE Dance. Dance Style Modern dance. Use furniture. a choreographic device where a movement sequence is broken into parts and these parts are reordered . He replied that, for himself, social and political themes … Bruce was asked why a choreographer might include human rights themes in his work, particularly as there is a view that the arts should only be concerned with creating beauty. The Choreographic forms PowerPoint (PPTX 7.92MB) presentation will be used alongside with the practical activities below.

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